Solactive Big Data Index

Valuable knowledge buried in floods of data.


UBS Open End PERLES on Solactive Big Data Total Return Indexes

I. Valuable knowledge buried in floods of data

“Big data” could change our modern, increasingly networked world forever. Big data is all about analyzing huge amounts of data to capture any valuable and usable information. For example, a company correctly deploying big data technology could better adapt to target groups than without these technologies. There are also other potential applications outside the business world. Example uses could include improving public transport flows at peak times, more accurately predicting voting behavior and detecting credit card fraud more easily than before. Companies that have committed to big data tend to offer analytics programs that use sophisticated algorithms to search for viable patterns within massive volumes of data and discover new correlations and insights. Customers of big data companies can gain a new perspective on success-critical facts to help them optimize business processes and even develop new business models.

II. The potential in big data services

Due to the ever-increasing number of new apps, data quantities around the world are increasing exponentially. According to details from the British market researcher IDC, the digital universe had already reached a size of six zet-tabytes in 2104 (around six trillion gigabytes). By 2020, this is expected to grow to an unbelievable volume of 44 zettabytes. Due to this flood of data, data analysis business is also experiencing a boom, which in turn is leading to increased spending in areas like infrastructures, networks, software and IT security. According to forecasts by IDC analysts, annual total expenditures in the market for Big Data and Services will amount to around USD 48.6 billion in 2019. Overall, the market should grow annually between 2014 and 2019 by 23.1 percent. (Source: IDC Study "Worldwide Big Data Technology and Services Forecast, 2015–2019", 10/2015)

III. Big data – products and services

Big data companies primarily offer software solutions for analyzing and visualizing large volumes of data in companies, public bodies, the sciences and other areas. They often help potential customers set up the requisite IT infrastructure to enable the efficient storage, administration and utilization of data generated within an enterprise. Many big data companies offer everything from a single source: from advisory services to software and also hardware. Companies that choose modern data analyses are generally very impressed with the results. According to a survey by the consulting agency Accenture, which included more than 1,000 participants from 19 countries, nine out of ten managers, which equates to 92 percent, are very satisfied with the results achieved. 89 percent of those surveyed are of the opinion that Big Data is very or extremely important for the digital transition within their businesses. (Source: Accenture Study "Big Success with Big Data" 12/2014)

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