KeyInvest Return Monitor


Systematically selected UBS Barrier Reverse Convertibles

The Return Monitor provides an overview of UBS Barrier Reverse Convertibles (BRCs) offering attractive potential returns. All selected BRCs are listed on the SIX Structured Products Exchange and tradeable on each trading day under normal market conditions. In focus are products that have at least three months left until maturity and an intact barrier. The three categories examined are:

  • Attractive sideways return: UBS BRCs with a sideways return of at least 10% p.a. and a current barrier distance of more than 15%.
  • High barrier distance: UBS BRCs with a current barrier distance of more than 40%.
  • UBS Research: A selection of UBS BRCs with all underlyings rated «Buy» by UBS Research.

The UBS KeyInvest Return Monitor is published weekly on Tuesday via the UBS KeyInvest Product News.

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