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Open End PERLES on the QIX Dividenden Europa Net Total Return Index

I. Dividends as an alternative to interest

"Dividends are the new interest" declared the headlines of many newspapers and investment magazines during recent years. Because in the quest for investment alternatives in the current environment characterized by low interest rates, many investors are turning to defensive investment strategies with equities that pay out good dividends. Indeed, the dividends paid out are higher than ever before: Auditing and consultancy firm EY (Ernst & Young) calculated a total of 31.7 billion euros in distributions from DAX companies last year. That is nine percent more than in 2015 and seven percent more than in the previous record year of 2014.

II. What criteria can be helpful in the selection of high-yield equities?

Besides dividend yield, in other words the dividend distributed in relation to the current share price, investors should take into account other management ratios and key financial indicators to select companies that are able to achieve stable returns in the long term. Selection criteria could include factors such as dividend continuity, share price volatility and historic earnings growth.

III. What is the "QIX Dividenden Europa Index"?

The index "QIX Dividenden Europa" is managed by TraderFox GmbH and calculated by Solactive AG. It is calculated in euros and depicts the development in value of the equities of 25 high-yield European companies. These companies are selected on the basis of a rule-based investment strategy with a total of eight evaluation criteria and weighted equally within the index on every adjustment date. Index adjustments normally take place on a quarterly basis. Net dividends from the equities contained in the index are reinvested in the index.

Important note: The price data of the underlying asset that are displayed here merely serve as an indication and may not necessarily correspond to the prices that are relevant for the repayment or for any thresholds such as a stop-loss event or a knockout event. Only the sources and reference prices specified in the legally binding product documentation are relevant.

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