FTSE MIB EUR Index24'297.17 EUR  12.05.2023EUR949.53959.53
FTSE MIB EUR Index23'734.22 EUR  23.05.2023EUR960.12970.12
CAC 40 INDEX5'640.10 EUR  22.05.2023EUR982.41992.41
MSCI World Index2'197.67 USD42.28% 23.01.2023USD1'081.211'091.21
S&P 500 Index3'132.52 USD36.51% 10.06.2021USD102.68103.68
Alphabet Inc. C / / Microsoft2'645.97 USD  24.08.2021USD96.7397.73
56339221 / Facebook / Microsoft2'571.9486 USD  20.08.2021USD98.0299.02
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Twin-Win certificate (UBS Twin-Win PERLES Plus)

With UBS Twin-Win PERLES Plus you can pull off a remarkable balancing act on the markets, i.e. whether the underlying asset (e.g. equity or index) rises or falls, you can profit in both cases. In doing so, you participate 1:1 in price gains of the underlying asset over and above the strike price without restriction (taking into account the subscription ratio). Price losses below the strike price are, on the other hand, converted accordingly on the due date if the price of the underlying asset has never fallen to or below a specific barrier (knock-out level) during the term. However, after a barrier has been broken the conversion of price losses of the underlying asset into gains ceases to apply. Instead, in this case UBS Twin-Win PERLES Plus behaves like conventional UBS PERLES, so that price losses of the underlying asset (under the strike price) lead to corresponding losses in the certificate.

UBS Twin-Win PERLES Plus is thus suitable for investors with a medium to high risk preference. Investors must take the issuer risk into consideration, since loss of the invested capital could occur if UBS AG becomes insolvent, regardless of the performance of the underlying asset.