UBS Bloomberg CM-BCOM Outperformance Strategy 2.5x Leveraged Net of Cost Total Return Index (USD)ETC100%0.00% p.a.Open endUSD263.00263.50
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Tracker certificate (UBS PERLES, UBS ETC, UBS ETT)

UBS offers three types of Tracker Certificates: UBS PERLES, UBS ETT and UBS ETC are index certificates with which investors may participate in the performance of the underlying asset which can be a stock, an index, a currency pair, an interest rate or a commodity. UBS PERLES may be structured with or without a term limit. UBS PERLES without a term limit are identified with the addition "Open End" and are particularly suitable for long-term investors. Once bought, UBS Open End PERLES can be a long-term investment that does not require reinvestment.