UBS Active Conviction Equity B/H Index ER USD335.00% 25.02.2021USD850.84--
Nestlé159.20% 03.05.2022CHF106.24106.98
Nestlé160.00% 17.05.2022CHF105.52106.26
ING257.45%14.0728 EUR20.05.2021EUR63.4964.49
SGS140.00% 29.04.2022CHF2'290.502'313.60
Stock Basket160.00% 19.05.2022USD1'010.711'020.71
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Outperformance certificate (UBS Speeder)

With UBS Leveraged PERLES, also known as outperformance certificates, you can apply leverage, since UBS Leveraged PERLES offer you the chance to participate disproportionately and without restriction in rising prices of the underlying asset (e.g. an equity, an index or a currency pair). This means that as of a predefined price level (the so-called strike level) participation in a potentially rising price performance is higher than 100%. The exact performance rate varies depending on the product features and is fixed per issue.

If the purchase price of a UBS Leveraged PERLES is at the price level of the underlying asset, the effect of the leverage effect does not come to fruition yet. In this case, the disproportionate chance of a gain is counteracted by a loss risk that is equivalent to a direct investment and investors participate in potential negative price developments to an equal extent as normal PERLES. In the described case (without agio) there is thus no disproportionate participation in potential losses.

To minimize the loss risk, UBS Leveraged PERLES Plus has conditional partial protection. As long as an additionally included safety threshold (kick-out level) is not reached during the term, you recoup at least the capital invested on the due date. The partial protection only ceases to apply if a threshold is breached and the product behaves like a normal UBS Leveraged PERLES as of the due date.