Euro STOXX 50 Price Index10.81%160.00%4'335.34 USD17.07.2019USD98.7699.76
JPMorgan Chase21.54%200.00%117.029 USD10.07.2019USD1'036.971'046.97
NIKKEI 225 Index10.93%150.00%25'558.60 JPY29.11.2019USD964.60974.60
NIKKEI 225 Index10.93%150.00%23'613.19 JPY29.11.2019EUR971.31981.31
S&P 500 Index19.96%150.00%2'981.13 USD29.11.2019USD1'055.471'065.47
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Bonus outperformance certificate (UBS Leveraged PERLES Plus)

With UBS Leveraged PERLES Plus (PERformance Linked Equity Securities), also known as out performance certificates, you can apply leverage, since UBS Leveraged PERLES Plus offers you the chance to participate disproportionately and without restriction in rising prices of the underlying asset (e.g. an equity, an index or a currency pair). This means that as of a predefined price level (the so-called strike level) participation in a potentially rising price performance is higher than 100%. The exact performance rate varies depending on the product features and is fixed per issue.

UBS Leveraged PERLES Plus has conditional partial protection compared to normal UBS Leveraged PERLES. As long as an additionally included safety threshold (kick-out level) is not reached during the term, you recoup at least the capital invested on the due date. The partial protection only ceases to apply if a threshold is breached and the product behaves like a normal UBS Leveraged PERLES as of the due date. In this case, there is a risk of losses if the underlying prices are below the strike level, as the certificate is redeemed at the end of the term at the underlying asset’s countervalue. However, if the underlying asset exceeds the strike level again, there is still a chance of disproportionately participating in potential prices gains of the underlying asset.

UBS Leveraged PERLES Plus are suitable for investors with a medium to high risk preference. Investors must take the issuer risk into consideration, since loss of the invested capital could occur if UBS AG becomes insolvent, regardless of the performance of the underlying asset.