Capped PERLES Plus

Underlying: Euro STOXX 50 Price Index SSPA/EUSIPA Product Type: Bonus Certificates (1320) Valor: 53013558 / ISIN: CH0530135588

Last update 27.11.2020
  • Bid

    3'326.12 EUR
    Volume: 2

Key figures

Strike absolute2'910.02 EUR
Bid - Ask spread-- / --
Days to expiry102

Product calendar

Fixing date10.03.2020
Last trading date10.03.2021
Barrier touch dateNot touched

Barrier information

Barrier absolute1'746.012 EUR
Distance barrier level1)50.51%
Barrier touchedNo

Cap information

Cap absolute3'433.8236 EUR
Distance to cap1)-2.66%
Sideways return-- / --
Max return p.a.--


UBS PERLES Plus or Bonus Certificates offer you attractive yield opportunities even if the underlying asset (e.g. equity or index) does not significantly gain in value as expected, since UBS PERLES Plus enable you to improve yields in sideways markets depending on the product features in addition to the unlimited earnings opportunity. As an investor, you participate unconditionally 1:1 in a potential positive performance of the underlying asset. In exchange for the dividend of the underlying asset, UBS PERLES Plus offers you conditional partial protection, i.e. should the underlying asset never be listed at or below a predefined barrier (kick-out level) during the term, a minimum repayment is effected at maturity, which corresponds to the predefined PERLES Plus bonus level.

However, this partial protection ceases to apply if a barrier is broken during the term. According to this, PERLES Plus behaves like a normal PERLES, i.e. investors also participate in a negative performance of the underlying asset 1:1 without restriction, and so losses are likely. UBS PERLES Plus is thus suitable for investors with a medium to high risk preference. Investors must take the issuer risk into consideration, since loss of the invested capital could occur if UBS AG becomes insolvent, regardless of the performance of the underlying asset.

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