100.00% CPN Linked to Index Basket

Underlying: Index Basket SSPA/EUSIPA Product Type: Capital Protection Certificate with Participation (1100) Valor: 46580853 / ISIN: CH0465808530

Last update 28.10.2020
  • Bid

    108.60 %
    Volume: 20'000

  • Ask

    109.60 %
    Volume: 20'000

Key figures

Strike absolute1'000.00 USD
Capital protection100.00%
Days to expiry509

Product calendar

Fixing date22.03.2019
Last trading date22.03.2022

UBS Capital Protection Note

UBS Capital Protected Notes, or CPNs, have capital protection at maturity and at the same time offer the earning potential that can arise from the capital markets. To this end, CPNs (at least partly) participate in the price movements of selected underlying assets (e.g. index, equity basket or commodities and currencies). The structure offers uncapped participation in a possibly positive performance of the selected underlying asset. The pre-determined participation rate can vary. Depending on the product features, it can be proportional (either negative or positive) to the performance of the underlying asset. In general, higher capital protection is at the cost of the participation rate in price movements. Depending on the features, the capital protection at the end of the mostly several-year term is between 90 and 100 percent of the nominal amount.

With a capital protection of less than 100 percent, the nominal amount at maturity is not fully secured. A price increase of the underlying asset by maturity is needed to bridge the difference between the level of capital protection and 100 percent of the nominal amount and avoid losses at maturity.