Underlying: Global High Dividend Income Basket USD SSPA/EUSIPA Product Type: Tracker Certificates (1300) Valor: 20838312 / ISIN: CH0208383122

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Fixing date22.03.2013
Last trading date22.03.2024


With UBS PERLES (PERformance Linked Equity Securities) you participate in the performance of the underlying asset or an index or basket. UBS PERLES have pre-defined expiry and are automatically redeemed according to termsheet.

With UBS PERLES you can simply and conveniently participate with only one transaction in the price potential of a broad equities market in one specific country (e.g. Switzerland, USA or China) or a whole region (e.g. Europe, Asia or Latin America) depending on the underlying asset. The potential fields of application however go beyond this, as the respective index (or equities/index basket) can be shaped individually and thus also refer to specific topics (e.g. water, uranium or BRIC states), selected sectors (e.g. automotive stocks, financial equities or pharma stocks) or investment styles (e.g. small caps, mid caps or blue chips).

The underlying index can track not only equities, but also other asset classes, such as bonds (e.g. credit-linked notes), currencies or commodities. UBS PERLES are suitable for investors with a medium to high risk preference. Investors must take both the market risk and the issuer risk into consideration, since loss of the invested capital could occur if UBS AG becomes insolvent, regardless of the performance of the underlying asset.