UBS Investment Products

UBS Investment Products offer a wide range of investment solutions and can be categorized into three groups: capital protection, optimization and participation. These groups generally offer upside potential rising in line with the increasing risk.

In the case of Investment Products with a limited term, it should be noted that the payoff diagrams apply only at maturity in all cases and depend to some extent on the performance of the underlying asset during the term. Any certificates may also subject to market influences (volatility, performance of the underlying asset, etc.) during their term, which can affect their value. The issuer risk also needs to be borne in mind with all UBS Investment Products. Should UBS become insolvent, the capital invested may be lost – irrespective of the performance of the underlying asset or other market parameters.

UBS Produktkategorien

Kapitalschutzprodukte Optimierungsprodukte Partizipationsprodukte