UBS Structured Products

A suitable solution for each market situation


Structured Products are extremely multifaceted. There is a suitable investment solution for practically every market situation, no matter whether prices are moving up, down or sideways. Structured Products also let you invest not only in equities, but also in other underlying assets such as commodities, currencies, interest rates, bonds, dividends, baskets and indices. The individual product types cover every investor profile. For example, capital protection products are mainly suitable for risk-averse investors, while Leverage Products are designed for investors who are willing to take risks and are prepared to accept losses. Investors with medium to high risk tolerance could like yield optimization products or participation products. While yield optimization products can show their strength in sideways trending markets, participation products provide easy transparent access to markets and investment topics. As an investor, you thus have access to an unbelievable abundance of investment solutions, which can be divided into two product types: UBS Leverage Products and UBS Investment Products.


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