Commodity investments

Invest efficiently in commodities



UBS ETCs are the most-traded commodity products on the SIX Structured Products exchange

UBS Bloomberg CMCI at a glance

  • Comprehensive tracking of the commodity markets by investing in the entire futures curve and tracking of 27 commodities.
  • Minimal tracking errors for underlying commodity prices.
  • Minimising negative roll returns creates the opportunity for higher overall returns than with traditional indices.
  • Diversifying across the entire futures curve leads to lower volatility rates compared with traditional indices.
  • Higher profit/risk ratio (Sharpe ratio): Relative to traditional indices, opportunities for returns are higher and the risk (volatility) is lower.
  • Daily rolling on stock exchange allows «constant» maturities.


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BCOM Indices at a glance

  • Comprehensive tracking of the commodity markets with indices tracking single commodities, sectors and the broad commodities market.
  • Designed to reflect movement in the prices of futures contract using pre-determined rolling schedule.
  • Administered and managed independently by Bloomberg Finance L.P.
  • Tracks near-dated commodity futures contracts for maximum exposure to spot movements.
  • Indices are USD denominated and monthly hedged in CHF and EUR.


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