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Machines that could revolutionize our everyday life


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I. Robotics – a technology that will change our everyday life

Robotic systems are already being used today for minimal invasive interventions and unmanned aircraft control the irrigation of farmland and protect rhinoceros from being exterminated by poachers. According to a study by the McKinsey Global Institute ("Disruptive technologies: Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy", May 2013), the use of advanced robotics from the year 2025 could create value of 1.7 to 4.5 billion US dollars a year, of these 800 billion to 2.6 billion dollars in the healthcare sector. The robotics industry may therefore have a prosperous future ahead of it.

II. Robots and drones in use – application examples

Large corporate groups long since recognized the potential and benefits of robotics. Only recently the US trading giant Amazon announced that it intends to have parcels delivered by air drones in a few years’ time. DHL made this idea a reality at the beginning of December and delivered medicines with what is known as the DHL parcel copter in a public test run. The technology giant Google also believes in the future of robotics. In recent months the corporation has bought eight start-ups from this sector.

III. The product solution – Solactive Robotics and Drones Total Return Indices

The Solactive Robotics and Drones Total Return Indices track the performance of innovative companies specializing in the development and production of robots and drones. Consequently, only companies who can demonstrate that a significant proportion of their business is in the areas of robotics or unmanned aircraft (hardware or software) make the shortlist for inclusion in the indices. The index concept also takes into consideration the dynamic environment of this highly innovative business segment. The index concept therefore provides for a “fast entry” rule alongside the twice-yearly index adjustments: This ensures that stock companies can be incorporated in the index at any time, e.g. immediately after an initial public offering, provided they meet the quality standards.

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