Solactive 3D Printing Index

The next industrial revolution?


Open End PERLES on Solactive 3D Printing Total Return Index

I. Will 3D printing write economic history?

3D printing technology has some powerful advocates, including US President Barack Obama. The process of 3D printing starts with digitalized models and, layer by layer, creates actual objects in the real world. 3D printing should soon make it possible for anyone to print virtually any object in the exact size and dimensions that are needed. This has the potential to completely change our current merchandise management system. The need for shipping products would be replaced by the possibility of simply sending print data.

II. Breathtakingly fast progress

3D printing was originally used in manufacturing for the production of prototypes and provisional models. However, recent years have seen rapid advances in 3D printing technology. Some compelling examples show what is already possible: Among other things, 3D printing has created custom-fit shoes, functional batteries, roadworthy cars and mini human livers. The possible scope of application seems to be limitless.

III. Solactive 3D printing TR index

Based on the specifications of the index provider Solactive AG, the Solactive 3D Printing Index targets the pioneers of the 3D printing movement. Only companies that meet several quality standards are included on the shortlist. Every index member needs to demonstrate that a significant share of its business is focused on the 3D printing sector, or that the company is currently developing its own 3D printing division with the potential to bring in a major share of the overall revenue.

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