4.43% p.a. Kick-In Certificate (Coupon at Risk)

Underlying: S&P 500 Index SSPA/EUSIPA Product Type: Barrier Reverse Convertibles (1230, Coupon at Risk, Auto-Callable, Catch-up) Valor: 36524793 / ISIN: CH0365247938

Key figures

Early Redemption Level2'396.79 USD
Early Redemption Level100.00%
Days to expiry716
Redemption date18.05.2020

Tax information Switzerland

Withholding taxNo
Swiss income taxYes
Stamp taxYes

Product calendar

Fixing date10.05.2017
Last trading date11.05.2020
Observation dates10.05.2018, 10.05.2019
Coupon payment dates17.05.2018, 17.05.2019, 18.05.2020
Barrier touch date--
Redemption date18.05.2020

Barrier information

Barrier absolute1'438.07 USD
Distance to barrier1)47.16%
Barrier touchedNo
Barrier observationContinuous
1) Prices are 10 Min. delayed