Global Disruptive Technology Index

Innovative leaps with revolutionary explosive force


Open End PERLES on the ROBO Global Disruptive Technology Total Return Index

I. Disruptive Technologies explained

What have the steam engine, the internet and smartphones got in common? The emergence of all three technologies listed by way of example triggered euphoria and a spirit of optimism in industry and society. The steam engine heralded the start of the industrial age, the internet drove forward digitalization and smartphones enable constant access to the virtual world. All three technologies instigated an innovative leap and radically changed their respective living and working environments. Clayton M. Christensen from Harvard Business School called technologies with such penetrating power “disruptive technologies”. Since the publication of the book “The Innovators Dilemma” in 1995 and the scientific paper “Disruptive Technologies: Catching the Wave” the defining feature of a disruptive innovation is that it breaks up existing market structures and dictates completely new ground rules to the market.

II. What current technologies have that potential?

Umpteen investors ask themselves this question day in, day out, as disruptive technologies are subject to changing times. What is considered disruptive today will be superseded tomorrow. A possible answer is provided by the ROBO Global Disruptive Technology TR Index, which uses a top-down approach to first select promising industries and then filter equities in each industry.

III. Selection of the industries

The starting point for selecting equities is to identify industries that the ROBO Index committee deems capable of creating disruptive technologies. The industries contained in the index can therefore be replaced and the number of industries may fluctuate, but the index always includes between eight and 20 industries.

IV. Selection of equities

In a second step suitable equities are chosen from the equities universe based on a set of rules. Each industry must be represented by a minimum of five and a maximum of 20 equities. All equities in the ROBO Global Disruptive Technology TR Index must be sufficiently tradable. Firstly this requires a listing on a stock exchange that also offers unrestricted trading access to foreign investors. In addition, all index members must generate at least half their sales in one of the identified disruptive technology industries. Furthermore, to be included in the index, market capitalization must be at least 500 million US dollars and the average daily trading volume for the past three months must amount to at least 500,000 US dollars.

Both the sectors in the index and the equities within a sector must be equally weighed in terms of the quarterly index adjustments.

Important note: The price data of the underlying asset that are displayed here merely serve as an indication and may not necessarily correspond to the prices that are relevant for the repayment or for any thresholds such as a stop-loss event or a knockout event. Only the sources and reference prices specified in the legally binding product documentation are relevant.

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